Marley and the kitten

by Nancy Bekhor


“I need a break from Chi Chi.” says Marley as he plonks the kitten in her chambers. An elegant basket fully sealed with a mesh roof.
‘Time out’ viewed from this opposite perspective is so useful for his developing social awareness. He is getting a fix on what I mean when I request time out from him.

This beautiful white kitten is so very fond of sitting with Marley on his chaise longue. Or is it a fondness for the purple furry couch cover? Either way when the seat is vacant Chi Chi sprawls out in ancient roman fashion.

But then she began to bite as part of her  hunt-kill calling. Though tiny, the pincer grip on flesh is really annoying.

He wanted her away from him for hours at a time and it hardly seemed fair. She is his greatest teacher for the ‘annoyance’ as a concept. He often does not get that I need space from his chattering or touching. But right now he is moving forward in huge strides in awareness of language and concepts

She lashed at us with her teeth as kittens can, but he did not want to play, at all.
He had his own games. His own art. Chi Chi just wants to play.

I became ragged with yet another responsibility on my shoulders.
The feeding, the kitty litter  and the protection necessary for the kitten from Marley and for me from her teeth.
My private temple chamber that is my bed and room would soon be shredded. No, it is not fair for her to bite his feet whilst he was in progress with a seizure.

The original idea of getting a cat was to give him affection and companionship. Clearly this is the profile of a more mature pet.

When she finally began to chew his ipad cord he retaliated in a way that would get the attention from the RSPCA.
That’s it. Boarding School. She has got to go to  till she is older for all our sakes.
I know a 4 year old girl who can outplay that cat. Last time when Georgia visited for 3 hours the cat had the need to find its first hiding place to fall asleep in. Yes she will make a perfect tiger mistress and loving it. She also has a mother cat back at home who could teach this baby a thing or 2 about manners.

“Why did this happen?” I ask myself. “Was it a mistake to have got the cat?”
Not at all!… I could not buy this social lesson for him with all the tea in China.

You can love someone but not like their behaviour!

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