Dishonesty Issue

by Nancy Bekhor

My response to the Autism Mother who is very concerned that her child is not telling truth and has to be asked 20 times or more.

“Or, as David John Longenhagen Jr commented* that it could be the FUN of the thing for the child. I find as a parent that the more I try go where my child is rather than insisting on my authority to focus my way, (in this case truth telling), tension is eased and my intuition kicks in. Then more creative solutions appear for harmony for both of us as the days go by. ¬†Principles (in this case, TRUTH) will become understood organically over time. Relax, be patient enjoy the ‘game’. For me ‘the shoe is on the other foot’ since my 19 year old son has for years now been trying to teach me a principle that is so important to him. About me being responsible to generate good vibes than stress over stuff. This has been life changing for me in the best way possible and I am so grateful for it!”

*David John Longenhagen Jr
Fun, it “equals” the interaction.The regular interaction has low quality whereas the ‘hunt’, seeking the truth has a new appeal.
Replace, this interaction with (other) facts that can be mentally manipulated.
Quantum physics. Inverse gravity. Why do we see color from distant suns when the wavelength interacts with other light? Truly.
NB: or other relevant puzzle questions

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