Haircut Issue

by Nancy Bekhor

My response to an AutismMothers’s issue of needing to wrestle her child down to having a haircut, and her feeling embarrassed at the hairdresser.
“I found that harmony and connection with my child was the more important. So for starters I would keep away from any situation that could have me be ’embarassed’ because then I could not contribute to harmony from my end of our relationship. When I am ‘connected’ with my son all kinds of creative and harmonious solutions to say, a ‘haircut issue’, would easily present themselves.”

Other posts from Autism Mothers (facebook)have some good ideas to choose from, such as not cutting his hair or cutting it yourself ….
But being ‘connected’ with your child allows you to know which is the right idea. It’s about developing your intuition and tapping in…

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