During the writing and publishing of the book, Secrets of Autism I have been fortunate to discover new understandings and ideas, through mothering my 18 year old son, Marley.

Some of the secrets that I share in the book are:

  1. A parent’s state of mind itself can dramatically benefit their child. The book shows how to ensure this and improve general harmony of relationships altogether.
  2. A child or adult of whatever age or level reached can progress. The old ideas believed that the window for change is at early child hood and once adolescence comes its over. This is simply NOT true.
  3. The pressure of time for parents can be greatly relieved. Progress can easily occur organically within the harmony of the family. I share many examples and compelling proof of this in the book.
  4. These beings are a mystery to be unravelled rather than a problem to solve. We, ‘normals’ (whose normal anyway), have actually no idea who our kids are because ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’. The diagnosis of deficits does nothing to reveal the secrets of your child.

I share a must-do powerful process in the book that generates unlimited progress and wellbeing for all concerned.

Blessings to you

Nancy Bekhor

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